There are about 5000 children in Finland with epilepsy, of which 800 start their medication before the age of 15. Children’s epilepsies are a group of illnesses involving the tendency to get epileptic seizures. Epileptic seizures are sudden temporary disruptions in the brain’s electrical signals.

Materials to read and play with

Finnish Epilepsy Association has produced materials in Finnish for you and your family to listen to, watch, read, or play, with friends, siblings, parents or others close to you. You can find most of our materials here, but you can also order them from our online store:

  • Aapo ja Emma – ystävyyttä ja avaruusoloa (storybook)
  • Hyvien uutisten reissuvihko (notebook of good news)
  • Paper dolls
  • Ikioma voimakirjani (activity- and storybook)

More Information from Health Village (Terveyskylä) -website


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