Employers wants to hire an employee who has the adequate skills and profession required, and who fits the position. It depends on the job and your personal situation whether epilepsy has an influence on work. For most cases, you can be employed and continue working regardless of your epilepsy.

Most professions are suitable for people with epilepsy. Only a few careers are excluded, such as professional passenger transport and heavy equipment transport. Accident-prone occupations should also be avoided.

It is advisable to talk openly about your epilepsy at your workplace. For your own safety, it is important that your colleagues can give first aid in the case of epileptic seizure.

Jobs can be altered

If epilepsy is problematic in terms with working, it is advisable to explore how the job could be tailored, for example, re-organising working hours and tasks. Occupational healthcare is there to support you.
If you are unable to continue in your current work due to epilepsy and you are facing with an inability to work, you can look for a suitable job through vocational rehabilitation.

Read more about ways to support work and continue to work.

First aid

Your colleagues should know how they can assist you in the case of epileptic seizure. Familiarise yourself with first aid guidelines.

More Information from Health Village (Terveyskylä) -website


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