Finnish Epilepsy Association (FEA)

51 years of volunteering and action

The Finnish Epilepsy Association (FEA) was established in 1969 to promote equality and good care for people with epilepsy and to support them to achieve a world without prejudices. The FEA is a respected and strong social and health care organisation which values respect of every human being, equality of people with epilepsy, users’ experiences and continuous development of its own activities.

The FEA is the national umbrella organisation for the 22 local affiliates in Finland. The number of members is about 7000. They are mostly people with epilepsy and their family members. There are about 700 volunteers in the association and the affiliates. Furthermore the FEA has 1000 donors who support economically the activities of the FEA.

The FEA has not reached all the potential members yet. There are about 60 000 persons with epilepsy in Finland. About 36 000 of these use their right to have their epilepsy medication covered by the state.

The FEA has 13 full time employees. In addition, about 60 professionals receive fees for their work in the rehabilitation services of the FEA. The annual budget of the FEA is total 1,7 million euro. Income sources are governmental grants, service provision, membership fees and fundraising.

The strategy of FEA aims to:

  1. Achieve a world without prejudices of epilepsy. The aim is to educate the public about the different kinds of epilepsy syndromes and the individual symptoms of the disease.
  2. Promote good quality of epilepsy care and rehabilitation.
  3. Support employment. 
  4. Guarantee adequate level of assistance, services, benefits and support.
  5. Promote volunteering.

Page updated on 22.01.2020