Interest work

Lobbying for better life

One of our main activities is lobbying on behalf of the people with epilepsy, in order to achieve improved legislation and to ensure implementation. This is done at national and local level with the municipalities; by statements, expertise in different kinds of commissions and teams, dissemination of correct epilepsy information

Within the FEA, there is a range of subdivisions safeguarding the interest of their target-groups and co-ordinating various activities. They influence on decision making, have wide networks throughout the country, run special programmes for families and teenagers and arrange sport activities.

An essential part of the work of the FEA has always been co-operation with the public social and health care sector and close connections to the Finnish Epilepsy Society, the Finnish ILAE Chapter. This co-operation is evident in daily activity at local, national and international level.

Self-help and volunteering 

The local member associations provide information and training, family clubs, teenager clubs, sport activities, holidays, access to recreational facilities and peer counselling.

FEA supports the voluntary work of the member associations.

International co-work

The FEA became a full member of IBE in 1972.

The Finnish Epilepsy Lifetime Award

The Finnish Epilepsy Lifetime Achievements Award was given to professor Matti Sillanpää by Finnish Epilepsy Association, Epilepsy Research Foundation and Finnish Epilepsy Society on the 4th of August 2016. This Award recognizes senior members of the society who have a record of lifetime contributions and accomplishments related to epilepsy research. Read here

Picture: Docent Liisa Metsähonkala (left), professor Matti Sillanpää, professor Reetta Kälviäinen, managing director Rauli Aalto and executive director Sari Tervonen. 

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