Guidelines for grant applicants

The grants will be applied for annually unless otherwise stated. The application period is February. The application can be made in either Finnish or English.

Grants are awarded for scientific research on epilepsy, as a rule for doctoral studies. The focus is on medical research, but the Foundation may also grant grants for other research related to epilepsy.

The same applicant may receive a grant twice.

Foundation scholarships are personal months’ worth. They will therefore be paid directly to their recipients. Grants are not granted for other expenses (e.g. material and travel expenses). The Foundation’s grants are usually a few thousand euros, so they are not suitable for, for example, the research assistant’s salary costs (cf. taxation and overheads). The grant recipient must have a Finnish bank account.

Use the grant application form. Attach your research plan and recommendations (required by the doctoral examiner) and the opinion of the ethics committee, if that is required.

The grant application will be sent to the agent by e-mail ( Please enter the applicant’s first name and last name in the subject field of the email. Make sure that your email is signed in within 24 hours of sending it.

The grant decisions are published on the Foundation’s website and through the website. The recipients will also be informed via e-mail.