Guidelines for grant recipients

A grant awarded by the Foundation must be used for the purpose for which it was awarded. You do not need to notify the Foundation if you accept a grant.

Mela, the pension fund for agricultural entrepreneurs, manages the social security of the beneficiaries in terms of pension, accident and group life insurance cover. We will notify Mela of grants awarded to a natural person or team to work for at least four months and the amount of the grant exceeds the minimum insurance limit (converted into annual employment income of EUR 4,032 in 2021).

The grant is tax-free income.

The Foundation will request a free-form report from the grant recipients. The report should show the progress of the research. The foundation representative requests reports separately.

It is considered good practice to thank for the grant donor in your academic thesis, publication, or other similar context. For example, on the back of the title of the book, in the foreword, or in a footnote to the article, please mention the support the Foundation for Research on Epilepsy has given to the project. You are free to choose the wording. You can also download the logo of the Foundation here.

We kindly ask grant recipients to send a link to the dissertation to the foundation representative. We are also happy with article links and possible news links related to your research.