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Joni J. Sairanen 2022
Incidence, treatment, and outcome of status epilepticus in adults: A prospective cohort study
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Janne Kananen 2021
Increased effect of physiological respiratory brain pulsations in focal-onset epilepsy
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Uutinen väitöksestä Lääkärilehdessä 12.11.2021 45/2021 (vaatii kirjautumisen)
Uutinen väitöksestä Kalevassa 8.11.2021 (vaatii kirjautumisen)

Toni Kulju 2020
VNS Therapy for refractory epilepsy
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Väittelijän haastattelu Epilepsialehdessä 5/2020

Soila Järvenpää 2020
Optimization of deep brain stimulation of the anterior nucleus of thalamus
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Tampereen yliopiston uutinen väitöksestä
Mediuutisten uutinen väitöksestä

Mehwish Anwar, 2020
Sushi repeat-containing protein X-linked 2: a novel hypothalamo-pituitary protein in pathophysiology of traumatin brain injury
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Martina Mavrovic, 2020
Expression and functions of KCC2 in the perinatal rodent cotex
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Jussi Mäkinen, 2018
Epilepsy: More than seizures, optimizing antiepileptic drug therapy
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Emmi Bruun, 2017
Antiepileptic drug treatment in the elderly: choice of initial treatment, potential interactions and seizure outcome
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Janne Kananen et al, 2022
Increased interictal synchronicity of respiratory related brain pulsations in epilepsy
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Anna-Maija Lahti et al, 2021
Increased mortality after post-stroke epilepsy following primary intracerebral hemorrhage, Epilepsy Research
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Janne Kananen et al, 2020
Respiratory-related brain pulsations are increased in epilepsy – a two-center functional MRI study, Brain Communications
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Soila Järvenpää et al, 2020
Improving the effectiveness of ANT DBS therapy for epilepsy with optimal current targeting, Epilepsia Open
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Anssi Pelkonen, Ropafadzo Mzezewa et al, 2020
A modular brain-on-a-chip- for modelling epileptic seizures with functionally connected human neuronal networks, Biosensors and Bioeletronics
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Heta Helakari, Janne Kananen et al, 2019
Spectral entropy indicates eletrcophysiological and hemodynamic changes in drug-resistant epilepsy – A multomodal MREG study, NeuroImage: Clinical
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Janne Kananen et al, 2018
Altered physiological brain variation in drug-resistant epilepsy, Brain and Behavior
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Jenni Karttunen, Mette Heiskanen et al, 2018
Precipitation-based extracellular vesicle isolation from rat plasma co-precipitate vesicle-free microRNAs, Journal of Extracellular Vesicles
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Soila Järvenpää et al 2018
Reversible psychiatric adverse effects related to deep brain stimulation of the anterior thalamus in patients with refractory epilepsy, Epilepsy & Behavior
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Soila Järvenpää et al, 2018
Executive functions may predict outcome in deep brain stimulation of anterior nucleus of thalamus for treatment of refractory epilepsy, Frontiers in Neurology
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Juha Wilenius et al 2018
A simple magnetoencephalographic auditory paradigm may aid in confirming left-hemispheric language dominance in epilepsy patients, PLOS ONE
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