Sexuality is a part of all of us, regardless of gender, age or state of health. Illness does not take away sexual needs. However, epilepsy can influence sexuality and how one feels about themselves sexually. If your illness limits your sexuality, you should seek help or bring it up during your doctor’s appointment.

Epilepsy is not a barrier for sex life

There can be changes in your sexuality when you get ill, such as sexual reluctance or inability, which can be related to your changing mood. Medication can have an effect on hormones and how the central nervous system works, but their influence on sexuality is often low.

Women suffering from epilepsy might have disruptions in their menstrual cycle and men may have erectile dysfunction. Some epilepsy medicine may affect the levels of sex hormones.

Bring up these matters with your doctor.

More information from Health Village (Terveyskylä)

You can find more detailed information in Finnish on the Terveyskylä.fi -website about epilepsy and sexuality.


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