Child’s illness is a matter that influences the whole family. As well as the parents, also the child and their siblings will need information about epilepsy, so that they can adjust the illness into their lives. It is good to realistically discuss about the epilepsy with your child and have the information matched to their age and developmental stage. This way they and their siblings will have a lower threshold to ask any questions related to epilepsy later on.

Young children use play to deal with matters. Older children can find it easier to discuss matters during a nice activity where you can ask what they think about their illness or their sibling’s illness. You can say, for example, “I see that this is on your mind. Shall we have a chat?”. Above all, a child needs security and attention – there does not need to be thorough and in-depth conversations every time. Parents will not also always have the answers to the child’s questions, but together you can seek information and ask more about epilepsy from the child’s doctor.

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