Older adults

Anyone can get epilepsy at any point in their life. Over 1 % of Finns with epilepsy are over 65-year-old, which is more than other younger age groups.

For some, epilepsy has been present since childhood. Some get ill at an older age. The reasons for epilepsy can be common disorders in the brain, such as cerebrovascular diseases, brain tumors and degenerative diseases of the brain. The cause of epilepsy are not always found.

Treatment, information and peer support helps

Epilepsy is treated with regular and long-term medicine, which is prescribed by a specialist doctor based on the diagnosis. At the same time, familiarization with one’s epilepsy begins. It is important to get enough information about it. This reduces uncertainty and fear of a new situation in life.

An open attitude to epilepsy reduces prejudice and makes it easier to cope. Others who live with epilepsy can give different points of views and help to move forward.

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More information from Health Village (Terveyskylä)

You can find more detailed information in Finnish on the Terveyskylä.fi -website about epilepsy and epilepsy in older adults.


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