Consider your career options carefully. This is all about what interests you. School’s student advisor and healthcare professionals are there for you when you consider career options.

Most professions are suitable for people with epilepsy. There are only a few definite restrictions. Professional passenger transport and heavy equipment transport are completely excluded, as are fire and rescue operations, aviation and shipping. Accident-prone work tasks should also be avoided.

Your situation with seizures influences career options. If you have many seizures regardless of treatment, you should avoid professions where there is a risk of harm to you or others.

Financial support for studying

Student allowance secures your income during your studies. You can receive it after comprehensive school during full-time studying. The allowance includes a student grant and a state guarantee for a student loan, for some, housing allowance will be granted.

If epilepsy or other illness or disability influences your working ability and restricts your choice of career, you may apply education as vocational rehabilitation. Your doctor will evaluate the need for vocational rehabilitation. If you are young, you will apply vocational rehabilitation from Kela. You can receive rehibition allowance from Kela.

If you have been working for longer but have to change your career because of epilepsy, you may apply for re-education from your employer’s pension insurer as vocational rehabilitation.

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