Loved ones

Epilepsy can also affect family members and loved ones of those who get ill. Having a loved one with an epilepsy diagnosis can raise feelings and questions with family and friends. Often there are changes in daily life and routines.

To be able to support your loved one and stay healthy, it is important to take time to yourself and pay attention to your own well-being.

Seek information, help and peer support

Peer support offers chances to share experiences with those who have faced the same difficulties. There are support for closed ones in events and social media.

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Are you a caregiver?

A caregiver is a person who looks after their family member or a loved one who is not able to take care of themselves in daily life due to an illness, disability or other special need of help. Support and services are provided for caregivers in Finland.

Read more about caregiving from Carers Finland’s website, which is an advocacy and support association for carers.

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